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The Beryl Institute Webinars
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Facilitated by patient experience leaders from around the world, webinars share proven practices and strategies to implement in your own organization. Participation in webinars and access to on-demand webinars is included with membership to the Institute. Not a member? Join today.

Upcoming Webinars

Most webinars offered by The Beryl Institute are eligible for one Patient Experience Continuing Education Credit (PXEs) pending approval. Participants interested in receiving PXEs must complete the program survey within 30 days of attending the webinar

May 29, 2-3 PM ET

Transforming the Riley Experience
Darla Cohen, CPXP, Coordinator Patient and Family Experience, Riley Hospital for Children
Kara Casavan, Family Advisor, Riley Hospital for Children
Joe Primavera, Deployment Leader, Riley Hospital for Children

The presenters will describe the efforts of a pediatric hospital to involve families in quality improvement activities and sustain family engagement in LEAN transformation initiatives. Through stories, attendees will learn how LEAN teams across five different Value Streams throughout the hospital routinely include families in pre-work, Rapid Improvement Events (RIEs), review of processes and sustainment.
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June 12, 2-3 PM ET

What Patient Experience Can Learn from the Radiology Experience
Martijn Hartjes, Head of Global MR Marketing, Philips

This webinar will reveal imaging journey pain points and opportunities for creating improvement based on results of recent patient experience of imaging research. This includes real insights from real patients on priorities and unmet needs during imaging exams including: communication, safety, comfort, confidence and trust. The perspective of hospital staff on the importance of patient preparation and communication to improve patient experience and imaging outcomes for its young patients will be shared. By probing the connections between patient care, staff experience, imaging quality and radiology service management, patients and imaging teams will encounter innovation that delivers a better experience and more value for all.
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June 19, 2-3 PM ET

52 Weeks of Overmanaging Creates Success
Sandy Rush, Sr. Director Patient Experience, Dignity Health
Karen Byrnes, Director, Patient Experience, Dignity Health - Arizona East Valley

With the multiple priorities of quality of care, patient safety, productivity, and staffing, patient experience focus may go by the wayside. Improving the patient experience takes initiative, dedication and time. This session will share how a 36 hospital health care system, and specifically two hospitals, maintained the focus on patient experience through weekly meetings with key departments. It will describe how departments were selected, who participated, and an agenda that helped drive intense focus and action. It will also describe the review of the patient voice beyond the survey, including through leader rounding, discharge phone calls, and journey mapping. An overview of the challenges and obstacles that were overcome in order to maintain the focus and attendance of the weekly meetings, and the successful outcomes, not only in HCAHPS scores, but more importantly to patient engagement and caregiver engagement will be discussed.
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June 26, 2-3 PM ET

Inside a Patient Simulation Lab: Learning from a Real Patient
Jamie Di Piazza-Rodriguez, MSW | Manager of Patient Experience, Languages Services, and Patient & Family Relations, Hillcrest Medical Center

Take a deep dive into a Patient Experience Simulation Lab to expose real life interactions. The Hillcrest Medical Center’s Office of Patient Experience collaborates with nursing, education and advocacy to analyze our customer service and patient care. Participants will hear insights toward enhancing competencies and presence at the bedside to eliminate human suffering.
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July 17, 2-3 PM ET

Implementing the New CAHPS Protocol for Obtaining Patient Comments About Their Care
Dale Shaller, Principal, Shaller Consulting Group
Tara Servati, Patient Experience Specialist for the Ambulatory Care Network, NewYork-Presbyterian
M/M | P/R

This webinar will describe methods and lessons learned to date from a pilot project designed to assess the implementation and use of the new CAHPS Patient Narrative Elicitation Protocol (NEP) in several New York-Presbyterian (NYP) ambulatory care practices. The NEP is a structured sequence of 5 open-ended questions that can be used as a supplemental item set with CG-CAHPS or other patient experience surveys, in order to elicit complete and balanced accounts of ambulatory care from a representative sample of patients. The webinar will review research evidence regarding the effectiveness of the NEP in eliciting actionable information that can be used by clinicians and practices for improving patient experiences, and will discuss early results of the pilot project to collect the NEP as part of routine patient survey operations at NYP and to develop new feedback methods for reporting survey results and narrative comments back to clinicians and practice leaders.
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*This webinar is an encore presentation from the Patient Experience Conference 2018.


July 24, 2-3 PM ET

Unconscious Bias: The Nexus between Awareness and Accountability
Troy Cicero, President and Chief Skill Officer, MulticultuReal Communications, Inc.

Unconscious bias, also known as implicit social cognition, refers to the attitudes or stereotypes that affect our understanding, actions, and decisions in an unconscious manner. The implicit associations we harbor in our subconscious cause us to have feelings that manifest our behavior toward patients and colleagues based on race, ethnicity, culture, age, sexual orientation, religion, disability, socio-economic status and appearance. Attendees of this webinar will gain relevant understanding on how personal and system level awareness and accountability for biases can improve organization-wide performance and ultimately, the patient experience.
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July 31, 12-1 PM ET

Improving Patient Experience through the Adoption of an Accelerating Program
Sidney Klajner, President, Sociedade Beneficente Israelita Brasileira Hospital Albert Einstein
Miguel Cendoroglo Neto, Medical Diretor and Superintendent, Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein
C/L | PXS | 

In this Webinar the Albert Einstein Jewish Hospital, a philanthropic health institution in São Paulo, Brazil, will share its experience in adopting an innovative strategy to improve Patient Experience: an Accelerating Program. The main characteristic of this program is to ensure the alignment and approach of the institution as a whole and the participation of the front line employees in the diagnosis, in the implementation of improvement initiatives and in the monitoring of the indicators and goals related to the Patient Experience, ensuring the visibility of top management.
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August 8, 2-3 PM ET

Physician Engagement Strategies
Justin Bright, M.D. | Senior Staff Physician, Henry Ford Hospital

It is critical for patient experience professionals to better understand the mindset of the people they are most trying to engage. Social media crowd sourcing was used to do something different -- ask physicians how they feel about patient experience initiatives, and what it would take to engage them more. Hundreds of responses from emergency medicine physicians about patient experience concepts and initiatives were captured. Webinar participants will walk away with a new perspective and concrete examples of what patient experience professionals can immediately implement in order to better accomplish their organizational objectives.
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*This webinar is an encore presentation from the Patient Experience Conference 2018.

August 14, 2-3 PM ET

Social Media from the Lens of a Multigenerational Workforce
Laura Miller, CPXP | Managing Consultant, NICU Innovation, March of Dimes Foundation

For most hospitals, the patient experience begins with their online presence. Patients and families utilize the hospital's website and social media (SM) outlets to help understand the system and manage expectations. As SM expands as a resource for communicating, information and gallery sharing, and for other needs, hospitals are challenged with the task of how to handle the potential pitfalls and hazards of the medium beyond their website. This webinar will look at communication and SM from the lens of a multigenerational workforce, exploring how each generation prefers to communicate in different ways. It will discuss how each platform can benefit an organization, and provide examples of how employees underestimated the impact their online presence and posts would have on themselves and to their organization. Participants will learn different avenues a hospital can use to engage employees to create policies that benefit the patients as well as the employees and organization.
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*This webinar is an encore presentation from the Patient Experience Conference 2018.


August 21, 2-3 PM ET

Ignite the Patient Experience - 6 Keys to C-Suite Patient Driven Leadership
Dennis Shelby, CEO, Wilson Medical Center
Brian Lee, Founder and CEO, Custom Learning Systems Group

Participants will learn first-hand how to engage leaders and the front line to hard wire and sustain a patient experience culture at the 90%tile. This presentation includes a step by step how-to guide briefing for attendees to apply to their quality process improvement journey. Key takeaways include:

  • That making servant leadership the foundation of managers DNA will drive the success you need.
  • The four 'must have' best practices that are game changers for gaining the buy-in and sustaining overall improvement.
  • That the role of the CEO and leadership is to create a working environment where people do their best work.
  • How to avoid the pitfalls of ‘slug-ectomy’ – the absolute sheer necessity of getting rid of dysfunctionally disengaged employees that drag down your employees and patient experience scores.

This presentation answers how to successfully engage, support, influence and empower everyone to create the reputation your community requires. Learn More>>

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September 18, 2-3 PM ET

Creating a Culture of Caring
Rana L. Awdish, MD, FCCP | Director of the Pulmonary Hypertension Program and Critical Care Physician, Henry Ford Hospital | Medical Director of Care Experience, Henry Ford Health System

Creating a Culture of Caring will describe Dr. Awdish's personal transformation from critical care physician to critically ill patient and describe how the events surrounding her near death changed her understanding of the culture of medicine and lead her to alter the course of her institution. Focusing on Physician communication training, onboarding practices for all employees, and a culture of caring, she will illuminate the path towards creating a more resilient culture for everyone involved in health care.
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*Headliner Webinars are complimentary webinars featuring prominent patient experience thought leaders on a variety of topics sharing proven practices and strategies to implement in your own organization. Space is limited. If the webinar reaches capacity, registrants will have an opportunity to join a waiting list and a webinar replay will be provided.

October 2, 2-3 PM ET

Peer Navigation in Transgender Care: A Case Study in CoDesigning Care
Jonathan Bullock | Principal Consultant, National Leader, Person & Family Centered Care, Kaiser Permanente
“Dexter” Janet Borrowman | Director, Care Experience, Maui Health System, Affiliated with Kaiser Permanente

This webinar will outline how Kaiser Permanente, in an effort to provide their transgender community expanded and holistic care, utilized a human centered CoDesign methodology to create a large scale, multi-region peer navigation program. While peer navigation is already being used at Kaiser Permanente in a number of care settings, this was an opportunity to take program design to the next level. This webinar will provide an overview of patient-identified need surfacing; ethnographic interviews; observation and shadowing; group brainstorming; rapid prototyping; field testing; and spread. It will showcase the impacts and enhanced cultural relevance for the transgender community.
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*This webinar is an encore presentation from the Patient Experience Conference 2018.

October 16, 2-3 PM ET

Comfort, Dignity, Delight: An Economical Model of Therapeutic Arts and Holistic Services
Alice Kinsler | Manager, Therapeutic Arts and Holistic Service, Concord Hospital

The Concord Hospital department showcased in this webinar, offers a unique range of services designed to bring comfort, delight, and dignity to people during acute hospitalization. Bedside offerings include live therapeutic music by certified practitioners, Reiki treatments, and aromatherapy to alleviate pain, anxiety, and other symptoms; individualized therapeutic art-making; "Art a la Cart", a large selection of framed art prints for patients to select for their rooms; pet therapy; live televised Bingo; and personalized, individual diversionary activities upon referral from physicians, nurses, and therapists. This webinar will explain how the department has evolved creatively and frugally since the 1980s and help participants appreciate the impact of these offerings on the inpatient experience.
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*This webinar is an encore presentation from the Patient Experience Conference 2017.

November 6, 2-3 PM ET

Enhancing Staff Engagement and Resiliency by Building a Culture of Respect
Rick Evans, Senior Vice-President and Chief Experience Officer, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital

Many healthcare organizations are grappling with the issues of employee engagement and resiliency along with efforts to improve the patient and family experience. Employee experience - particularly addressing the challenges and barriers staff face on a daily basis - is critical for any long term success. In 2016, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital launched an effort to foster a "culture of respect" that addressed both how individuals and teams work together as well as took on some of the challenging "quality of life issues" that frustrate staff every day. The results have been promising – the improved metrics related to engagement, rising patient experience metrics along with a host of other benefits. This webinar will share what NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital learned and put in to practice.
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*This webinar is an encore presentation from the Patient Experience Conference 2018.

November 13, 2-3 PM ET

Empathic Approaches to Writing Meaningful Grievance Letters
Amy Crowe, Legal Writer, Novant Health

This webinar will provide approaches to writing patient-centered letters in response to grievances received. It will outline steps taken within Novant Health to improve letters and provide consistent grievance responses across all facilities. The changes made to letters are aligned with the guiding principles to have an apologetic and empathetic approach, and this presentation will provide practical ways to incorporate those approaches into letters.
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*This webinar is an encore presentation from the Patient Experience Conference 2018.

November 27, 2-3 PM ET

Pit Crew: How Communication Fuels the Ambulatory Surgery Center Patient Experience
Mark L VanderKlipp, Partner, Connect_CX

Copper Ridge Surgery Center (CRSC) is the largest Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) in Michigan and one of the largest in the country. They serve between 85 and 115 patients a day with 11 different service lines: everything from cataracts to hand surgery to whole joint replacement. This webinar will discuss the timeline and learning process that CRSC experienced: from a culture with a vague understanding of patient experience to one that is patient-centered by design. Using the metaphor of a Formula One Pit Crew, the webinar will reveal the theories and stories that, working closely with "Champions" from across the organization, resulted in staff-inspired efforts to improve internal processes, communications and, by extension, a healthier work environment and patient experience.
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*This webinar is an encore presentation from the Patient Experience Conference 2018.

December 11, 2-3 PM ET

Hope and Compassion: The Keys to Treating Mental Health Patients & Families
Glenn Kopelson, Co-Chair Resnick PFAC, UCLA
Martha Browning, Member Resnick PFAC, UCLA

The Resnick Neurospychiatric PFAC at UCLA created an educational lecture series where family members and patients presented personal experiences, issues and solutions to multiple departments throughout the hospital. This webinar will provide personal stories and educate the audience on specific issues that relate to mental health and provide clear takeaways for participants to use in their organization.
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