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Webinar: June 26, 2-3 PM ET

Inside a Patient Simulation Lab: Learning from a Real Patient
Jamie Di Piazza-Rodriguez, MSW | Manager of Patient Experience, Languages Services, and Patient & Family Relations, Hillcrest Medical Center
Take a deep dive into a Patient Experience Simulation Lab to expose real life interactions. The Hillcrest Medical Center’s Office of Patient Experience collaborates with nursing, education and advocacy to analyze our customer service and patient care. Participants will hear insights toward enhancing competencies and presence at the bedside to eliminate human suffering.


Webinar: August 14, 2-3 PM ET

Social Media from the Lens of a Multigenerational Workforce
Laura Miller, CPXP | Managing Consultant, NICU Innovation, March of Dimes Foundation
For most hospitals, the patient experience begins with their online presence. Patients and families utilize the hospital's website and social media (SM) outlets to help understand the system and manage expectations. As SM expands as a resource for communicating, information and gallery sharing, and for other needs, hospitals are challenged with the task of how to handle the potential pitfalls and hazards of the medium beyond their website. This webinar will look at communication and SM from the lens of a multigenerational workforce, exploring how each generation prefers to communicate in different ways. It will discuss how each platform can benefit an organization, and provide examples of how employees underestimated the impact their online presence and posts would have on themselves and to their organization. Participants will learn different avenues a hospital can use to engage employees to create policies that benefit the patients as well as the employees and organization.


Webinar: November 13, 2-3 PM ET

Empathic Approaches to Writing Meaningful Grievance Letters
Amy Crowe, Legal Writer, Novant Health
This webinar will provide approaches to writing patient-centered letters in response to grievances received. It will outline steps taken within Novant Health to improve letters and provide consistent grievance responses across all facilities. The changes made to letters are aligned with the guiding principles to have an apologetic and empathetic approach, and this presentation will provide practical ways to incorporate those approaches into letters.


Webinar: December 11, 2-3 PM ET

Hope and Compassion: The Keys to Treating Mental Health Patients & Families
Glenn Kopelson, Co-Chair Resnick PFAC, UCLA
Martha Browning, Member Resnick PFAC, UCLA
The Resnick Neurospychiatric PFAC at UCLA created an educational lecture series where family members and patients presented personal experiences, issues and solutions to multiple departments throughout the hospital. This webinar will provide personal stories and educate the audience on specific issues that relate to mental health and provide clear takeaways for participants to use in their organization.


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