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COVID-19 Resources

Supporting Our Community in Addressing COVID-19

With the rapid spread of coronavirus globally we are reminded of how essential our healthcare systems are, the critical role members of our community play and how fundamental the experience we provide remains. As the global community of practice committed to elevating human experience in healthcare, we remain focused now, as always, on partnering with you to support our shared purpose.

View an interactive timeline of resources and announcements from The Beryl Institute to support our community during the initial phases of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We invite you to visit our new microsite,  Honoring Human Service .In a spirit of appreciation and recognition of the heroic efforts taking place to address the COVID-19 pandemic, the purpose of this site is to share and celebrate human spirit and highlight the extraordinary experiences collected from healthcare providers, caregivers, essential workers and the patients themselves.

During these times, the power of community and shared experience has never been more important. We encourage you to submit your own stories, videos and pictures highlighting how patients, families and healthcare providers have shown strength, love and resilience, in the most difficult circumstances. Through these stories, we aim to help find comfort and honor those who have given so much. 

Webinar - Introduction to The New Existence

Listen as Jason A. Wolf, PhD, CPXP, President & CEO, The Beryl Institute, introduces and moderates a conversation about The New Existence project. With what we are facing in the world today we believe there is no normal to which we can, or should, return. Rather, we are called upon to co-create a new existence for healthcare. For this reason, guided by a global steering team and informed by the voices of our community, The Beryl Institute launched The New Existence project, to define what this will look like; what it will call on us to do in practice, process and policy; and what it will ask of us in moving healthcare forward. This session will provide an overview of the key elements and actions of The New Existence with members of our global steering team and engage participants in a conversation on how we best move forward.

Webinar - Future of Human Experience 2030: A Dynamic Framework for Healthcare

Explore the insights and shared vision for the future of human experience in healthcare built from the voices of thousands of people around the world. This webinar highlights the findings of the global inquiry The Future of Human Experience 2030 (HX2030) and introduces a dynamic framework shaping a call to action for the future of healthcare overall. 

Webinar - How a NYC Health System Served Their Most Vulnerable Patients During the Pandemic

The Mount Sinai Health System in New York City serves a very culturally and linguistically diverse patient population.  Delivering safe, compassionate, and patient-centered care to the most vulnerable patients during the COVID19 crisis is only possible when an organization aligns its core values and staff commits to serving a higher purpose.

Webinar - Improving the Patient Experience during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is putting hospitals — and their patients — in unprecedented situations. Henry Ford Health System is focused on the patient experience, keeping patients comforted and well informed at this time of uncertainty. This webinar discusses how digital tools help patients and employees stay up to date on new policies and procedures, deliver encouraging messages from the community and enable virtual experiences, including a virtual therapy dog visit. 

Webinar - Finding Stability & Connection in the Midst of COVID-19 Anxiety 

This webinar introduces three contemplative approaches to cultivating wellbeing during a time of crisis: mindfulness, mindful self-compassion and medical humanities. We will briefly discuss research that illustrates the benefit of each of these practices for facilitating connection to self, to purpose and to community. 

Webinar - Maintaining the Human Experience in a Time of Virtual Connection in Healthcare

With the critical focus on address clinical care there is also a need to reinforce the human connection and experience at healthcare's core. Join us in a conversation on how as we rapidly expand virtual solutions at this time of need, we too work to maintain the human experience essential to all we do in healthcare.

Webinar - What Matters Most to Patients and Families During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

What is the role of partnership as we witness our providers in great need of emotional support? How are patients without COVID-19 coping with the interruptions in care and how do they balance their needs with that of the overall COVID response? How does the patient community support the healthcare community today? How do we begin to think ahead to rebuilding together? A panel of patients, family members and patient advocates will provide insights into these questions and more.

Webinar - Psychological First Aid: Managing Emotional Challenges in an Unprecedented Time

This coaching session will give practical tips on how to manage the emotional and psychological challenges in this unprecedented time in healthcare and the world. Aren’t we all overdue for some psychological first aid for ourselves?

Webinar - Caring for Ourselves in Times of Crisis

The COVID-19 crisis has hit us all hard but perhaps none harder than those who work in healthcare. Addressing the needs of our healthcare teams has never been more essential and has always been critical to the human experience in healthcare. Join us for this panel to discover what we can do to care for ourselves, each other and our community.

Webinar - Elevating the Human Experience in the Face of COVID-19

What is the role of partnership as we witness our providers in great need of emotional support? How are patients without COVID-19 coping with the interruptions in care and how do they balance their needs with that of the overall COVID response? How does the patient community support the healthcare community today? How do we begin to think ahead to rebuilding together? A panel of patients, family members and patient advocates will provide insights into these questions and more.

Topic Call - Addressing Human Experience in the Face of COVID-19

What are your most crucial efforts to ensure a focus on human experience is not lost during this health crisis? This Special Topic Call shared what matters most to you at this difficult time, your current “pain points” and strategies that are working within your organization during this crisis.                                                          

A Conversation with Linda Knodel, Senior Vice President, Chief Nurse Executive, Kaiser Permanente

What are the most significant challenges for nurses during this challenging time as we face the current COVID-19 pandemic? Lisa Knodel speaks with Jason Wolf about how the nursing team at Kaiser Permanente maintains a high level of professional development while striving to create the best experience possible for patients in unprecedented times.

All Hands On Deck - Healthcare Heroism During COVID-19

How do healthcare teams at a large University hospital handle daily patient care during the time of a global pandemic and immense stress? Dr. Craig Rackley, Assistant Professor of Medicine at Duke, depicts the measures that he and his fellow practitioners are taking to reserve resources such as PPE in order to work as safely and efficiently as possible during this time.

A Conversation with Shantanu Agrawal, MD, MPhil, President and CEO, National Quality Forum

How do we address this once in a lifetime health crisis? Dr. Shantanu Agrawal shares how the team at National Quality Forum are working to expand the conversation on what it will take to mitigate the negative consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Balancing the Human Experience in Healthcare at a Time of Crisis

Sven Gierlinger, Senior Vice President, Chief Experience Officer, Northwell Health, shares his personal story and outlines his leadership plan and thought process during the outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). As the virus continues to develop rapidly, critical decisions must be made in order to save lives and support healthcare teams in the best way possible.


Using COVID as an Excuse

"I have to get something off my chest here. I keep hearing, “Due to COVID, we can’t do this,” or “Due to COVID, we aren’t able to do that.” Has the pandemic brought limitations to our table? Of course! But let’s not blame it for everything."

COVID-19 is reshaping consumer healthcare behaviors: 3 trends for providers prioritizing PX

Increased health concerns surrounding COVID-19 have altered consumer behavior across the board and every industry has felt the impact—including healthcare. With so much uncertainty still at play, patients are more hesitant to seek care as they redefine what “essential” and “non-essential” services mean to them.

Music in the Key of Hope: Music for Staff Wellness in a Metro-New York Pediatric Medical Center during COVID-19

At the epicenter of the COVID global pandemic, New York hospital staff have been experiencing a heightened level of stress, anxiety, and compassion fatigue. This case study explains how leveraging music interventions at Cohen Children's Medical Center has been a strategic intervention geared to promote relaxation, resilience, and feelings of hope for patients, families, and staff members alike.

We must partner with patients as we redefine healthcare in the post-COVID-19 era

Patient Experience Policy Forum advocates for policy change to improve the patient experience during and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.

Keeping the Magic in Children's Hospitals in a Time of Isolation

"To all working to bring 'magic'  into hospitals at this time, thank you. This isn’t easy, but we must do what we can to support children during this difficult time. After all, to care is human, right?"

There will not be a "New Normal" but rather a New Existence for healthcare and human experience  

"I ask you not to accept a new normal but stand for and act with us on a New Existence. Your voices, your ideas, your actions and your lessons already captured and learned will all contribute to an elevation of efforts committed to the humanity at the heart of healthcare. When we acknowledge that healthcare experience is all someone encounters from quality and safety, from service to spirituality, from billboards to billing and more, in all aspects of our care system, then we can truly walk forward together."

Uniting as Teammates: The only way to get through these extraordinary times together

Magali Tranie, Executive Director for ImageFIRST Healthcare and Laundry Specialists, shares that social distancing doesn't mean emotional distancing. On the contrary, the farther apart we are physically, the more we need to stay connected with each other. 

Virtual Care Visits: Delivering Care that is Patient-Centered and Compassionate

Theresa Dionne, MA, CPXE, Consultant, Patient Experience, shares that as we observe social distancing, healthcare professionals are finding that virtual care visits provide an alternative way to compassionately connect with patients. 

Serenity Despite Chaos: Finding Peace with Anxiety and Grief

Melissa Thornburg, Senior Performance Improvement Coach at pCare, provides examples of small opportunities to honor healthcare staff during this world pandemic that will provide them with the care and support they need to continue to effectively treat their patients with compassion and respect. 

The Essence of Human Experience in the Face of COVID-19

"The human experience we have all committed ourselves to has never been more real, more critical or more needed. And from all we have done and will do together in ensuring we overcome this crisis, I think we can all stand reassured that our commitment to the human experience will not be going anywhere any time soon. That is the essence of human experience."

"We all get to choose how to fill our cup each day and the attitude we choose about today's crisis": Maintaining the care experience in the face of COVID-19

Julie Danker, Chief Experience Officer for Smart-ER, shares that we will get through today's crisis through leading by example and maintaining care experiences that are comforting and safe.

Lessons from the Lived Experience: What Your Vented Patients Would Ask if they Could

Tiffany Christensen, Vice President, Experience Integration at The Beryl Institute connected with other patients who have been on a ventilator and compiled her experiences with theirs to serve as a guide to all of the amazing healthcare professionals who are on the frontlines and would like some supportive insight about how to interact with patients on vents. 

Empathy in Times of Crisis

Helen Riess, M.D., Founder, CEO of Empathetics, Inc. and Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, explains that helping each other is what brings us together and enlivens our spirit and our communities, and it is needed now more than ever, locally, regionally, nationally, and globally. 

The latest special issue from Patient Experience Journal (PXJ) is on sustaining human experience in the face of COVID-19. The issue includes 32 articles from more than 90 contributing authors representing over 40 organizations around the world.

Access PXJ Special Issue 7.2 

We know you and your teams are experiencing high levels of stress and anxiety during this time, so we offer the following tools and resources to assist you .

Stress and Coping Resources

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published suggestions for coping with stress to help make you, the people you care about, and your community stronger.

IMPX Coloring Page

Sometimes small things can make a big difference. To help with relaxation and reinforce the importance of a focus on human experience, we share this #IMPX coloring page. We encourage you to print it, color it and offer it as a tool to your teams.

Now more than ever it is critical to support healthcare teams and actively contribute to support those impacted by the current crisis. Below are some ways you can help.

Capturing the Human Experience During COVID-19

We’ve seen incredible photos and videos of our community supporting staff, patients and families during this time as we all work to ensure a sustained commitment to the human experience at the heart of healthcare. We plan to highlight some of these in a video celebrating your commitment to elevating the human experience. If you have photos or short videos to include, please email those to or tag @berylinstitute on Twitter.      

How You Can Help Victims of the Coronavirus Pandemic

This article in the New York Times highlights ways to to get involved from supporting charities that provides medical supplies  to organizations that feed families.      

Blood Donors Needed

Right now, eligible and healthy donors are strongly urged by American Red Cross to make an appointment to provide lifesaving blood products to patients

COVID-19 Community Response and Recovery Fund

United Way Worldwide launched a COVID-19 Fund. Your generosity will help families and people in need access critical information and services like food, shelter, and more.

PX Pulse: April Report

The Beryl Institute - Ipsos PX Pulse is a first of its kind effort to elevate understanding of and track the current perspectives on patient experience in healthcare across the United States. The second edition of the quarterly survey comes amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, and finds that while fewer Americans are visiting primary care physicians and specialists, their level of satisfaction with their healthcare has significantly increased since the last Pulse in January. 

Patient Experience Conference 2020 (PX2020) Reformatting

While we will not meet in person for PX2020, we will offer a multi-week virtual conference opportunity, starting April 27. Kicking off during Patient Experience Week, Virtual Patient Experience Conference 2020 (Virtual PX2020) will offer over 40 sessions from presenters around the globe and engage and involve our great supporters and exhibitors. 

Patient Experience Week 2020

We have received several questions about the status of Patient Experience Week 2020 given the current healthcare crisis. We will formally keep PX Week as planned on April 27 – May 1 when The Beryl Institute will kick-off our Virtual Patient Experience Conference 2020, introduce new resources and offer a focused time to celebrate the incredible efforts of our community to elevate the human experience.

However, we encourage you to choose the most appropriate time for your organization to recognize PX Week, whether that is in April or later in 2020. Our ultimate hope is that PX Week provides a focused time for your organization to celebrate accomplishments, re-energize efforts and honor the people who impact patient experience everyday. The resources available through our website are accessible year-round to offer ideas and inspiration to support planning when you are ready.

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