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Call for Case Studies
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As we continue our support of the global patient experience movement and in the spirit of #PXtogether, The Beryl Institute is expanding our efforts to gather and build a library of cases on the value and impact of patient experience from settings across the continuum of care and from locations around the world.

Cases should identify critical opportunities or address specific problems, be focused on practical and replicable steps and provide some measure of outcome and/or impact as a result. Cases must follow the template below and can be submitted on an ongoing basis to:

All submitted cases will undergo formal review to ensure they provide the needed information and meet the standards for publication. At no time will case studies be accepted to directly promote a product or service, though identifying resources and products used and the value they had in addressing a submitted case are encouraged. Please note that submission does not guarantee publication.

Download the Case Study Submission Template

Associated Topic Area 
Please identify the area or areas that you believe your case addresses. Some general ideas provided below for guidance, but can expand beyond these options.


Addressing Health Disparities / Health Equity / Access   Human Experience 
  Burnout / Resilience   Integrating Quality, Safety & Service
  Clinical Interactions   Measurement / ROI of Experience
  Communication   Patient & Family Partnership, Engagement, Activation
  Community Engagement   Process Improvement
  Culture / Leadership / Employee Engagement   Structuring PX Efforts
  Environment   Technology Implementation / Adoption
  High Reliability Organizations   Other Topics


Case Point of Contact
Please provide the contact information for the individual serving as primary point of contact for the submitted case. This should include the following items.

  • Name, Title, Organization
  • City, State/Province, Country
  • Email Address
  • Phone

About our Organization
250-word description of your organization

What was the opportunity, issue or challenge you were trying to address and in what setting?
A description of the issue and the setting in which it was occurring, e.g. emergency department waiting room. This is your problem statement.

What process did you use to develop a solution? 
This is a description of what process you use to identify and build a plan to address the problem. For example, was this an individual idea, a team-based solution generated in meetings, was it designed by committee, etc. This is not the steps you took to address the problem, which is asked for in the question that follows.

What outcomes were you looking to achieve? 
A description of what you were looking to achieve as a result of your efforts

What specific steps did you take to address the problem?
Please provide the specific steps you took to address your opportunity, issue or challenge. This should include the actions take and any details relevant to those actions.

What resources, if any, did you engage – either internally of externally – to address the problem? 
A description of tools, resources, technology, etc. employed to help you address the issue.

What measures did you establish to determine the success of this effort?
A description of the measures and measurement methodologies you used to determine outcomes were achieved.

What was the ultimate outcome of your effort?
A description of the results you achieved or did not achieve.

What lessons did you learn you would share with other as they consider addressing a similar issue
The advice you would provide others as a result of your own experience.


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