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Patient Experience Case Study - Palisades
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See the opportunities and challenges organizations face in addressing the patient experience.

Case Studies provide real stories of current efforts, including programs being initiated, practices being implemented, and outcomes being targeted and/or achieved. Case studies are presented as both an opportunity for learning from others as well as a spark for further ideas on how we work to improve the patient experience. If you have a case study to share please contact us.

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Changing the Approach to Patient Interaction

What was the challenge, opportunity or issue faced?

Low scores for Admission Section on the Press Ganey Survey.

What did you do to address it?

Sara Polak, Director of Patient Access, and Alla Borsen, Director of Customer Satisfaction, got together to develop a corrective action plan. A special department staff meeting was held for Admitting and ED registrars. Mrs. Polak created a power point presentation to introduce Press Ganey scores and make staff familiar with the Press Ganey scores and survey process. When she told her staff about the scores, they were mortified and wanted to change that.

She also presented the AIDET method and explained that they needed to look at Palisades Medical Center as being their home and at patients as their guests, so they needed to treat them that way (Examples given of how we treat guests who come to our home and applied that to how we need to treat our patients the same way). The following was listed and explained in a simplified way customer satisfaction:

  • show compassion to patients
  • be understanding in how they are feeling
  • always smile · trust your co-workers and work as a team with them
  • meet and greet your patients
  • and always show respect to your patients

As an example, Mrs. Polak mentioned four registrars who were being complimented by patients frequently and asked her staff "what do these employees do that has patients going out of their way to write a letter to us?" Mrs. Polak also implemented a new communication process and gave out Registrar Business Cards to every registrar. She asked staff, as they register patients using the AIDET method, to give out business cards when they complete the admission process. Registrars were instructed to give the card to the patient and state "your admission process is completed, my name is _______, if there is anything that I can help you with during your stay, please call the number on the card (the phone number listed on the card is for the Admitting Supervisor) and we can help you with anything you need. If no one answers the phone, please leave a message as we do check the line frequently".

Mrs. Polak also told her staff an inspirational story about her previous job as Director of Patient Access in another hospital. Her Department was in the 16%tile with their Press Ganey scores and they turned that around and went up to the 99% within 6 months... She encouraged staff that getting 99% on the Press Ganey can be done and is only a matter of time...We can do it!

What were the outcomes?

For the "Courtesy of Person Admitting” question, Press Ganey results have been:

  • November 2011 – 84.8
  • December 2011 – 87.1
  • January 2012 – 92.0
  • February 2012 – 85.8
  • March 2012 – 88.8
  • April 2012 – 90.1

About Palisades Medical Center
When Palisades Medical Center moved to its current River Road location in 1978, no one knew it would be in the heart of the waterfront restoration.Today, we stand ready to serve our changing community that includes lifelong residents and those new to the area. Palisades Medical Center is a 202-bed facility. Our quality care reaches 400,000 residents in northern Hudson and southern Bergen counties

Our Mission: To enhance the health status of the diverse communities we serve and deliver patient care in a safe and nurturing environment consistent with the highest standards of excellence, quality and efficiency, and with strict adherence to ethical practices.

Our Vision: To be the health care provider of choice in northern Hudson and southeastern Bergen Counties.

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