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Patient Experience Case Study - Gordon Hospital
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See the opportunities and challenges organizations face in addressing the patient experience.

Case Studies provide real stories of current efforts, including programs being initiated, practices being implemented, and outcomes being targeted and/or achieved. Case studies are presented as both an opportunity for learning from others as well as a spark for further ideas on how we work to improve the patient experience. If you have a case study to share please contact us.

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Gordon Hospital


Finding the Value in Leadership Rounding to Improve the Patient Experience

What was the challenge, opportunity or issue faced?

Each member of the Gordon Hospital leadership team is involved in rounding from the President and CEO to the Head of Environmental Services. We began the process by presenting the concept at our monthly leadership meetings a couple of months prior to beginning the process. We offered explanations and handouts of what it entailed and what was expected from each leader. There were some that had reservations.

The purpose of Leadership Rounding was:

  • Leader visibility
  • Encourage Leaders to build relationships with frontline staff
  • Recognition of staff
  • Remove barriers to enable employees to provide great care and customer service
  • Solve problems as close to onset as possible
  • Opportunities for immediate Service Recovery

What did you do to address it?

Teams were formed with a clinical person as the leader to help the non-clinical people ease into the rounding. It also serves as a backup person to round when they are not in the office. Each team member was assigned specific rooms. We tried to keep the team’s rooms in close proximity. Short orientations were given to the staff not familiar with the patient area. When rounding they are to speak to the patients nurse before seeing the patient. If they discover an issue they are to deal with it and not just pass it on. All leaders are expected to get blankets, water, etc. as needed. All issues are followed up to make sure nothing slips through the cracks. Leaders were provided with a "script” for specific areas to cover. Continuous feedback was provided to staff on how patients perceive the care they receive.

We use the "Stoplight Rounding Report”, an Excel spread sheet with a simple color coded key to score each room daily. It is posted on the hospital’s shared computer drive with all of leadership having access. Black is for empty room, yellow indicates the patient was unable to participate, green if all comments are positive and red if there is a complaint or issue to be dealt with. To capture details of complements or complaints we added a separate "Follow Up” tab where detailed information can be entered. This allows for comments and follow- up information. Overall this worked incredibly well, it’s very easy to see at a glance which patients were rounded on, responses and accountability is completely transparent.

Transparency is one of the keys to success. Leader commitment and engagement in the process is the other. This accountability was tied directly to our annual evaluations. Rounding has to be made a priority for all leaders. The few minutes that each leader uses for rounding speaks volumes to the frontline staff of our commitment to patient experience.

What were the outcomes?

Results have shown the effort has been worth it. We have seen steady improvement in HCHAPS scores and patient satisfaction. Reactions from front line staff have been excellent, and almost all of leaders that had reservations soon saw the value of Leadership Rounding.

About Gordon Hospital
Gordon Hospital is a 69-bed community hospital that is a member of Adventist Health System, the largest not-for-profit Protestant health system in the world. It provides high quality, personalized and compassionate care to its patients and community.

Through its dedication to safety, rigorous self-assessment, performance improvement, corporate integrity and service management, the hospital is committed to being the pre-eminent provider of acute inpatient and outpatient health care services for the residents of Calhoun, Gordon County and surrounding areas.

Annually Gordon Hospital provides $15.4 million in direct community benefit, which includes $6.6 million in Charity care to the underprivileged and $4.2 million in capital improvements.

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