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The Beryl Institute Webinars
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Facilitated by patient experience leaders from around the world, webinars share proven practices and strategies to implement in your own organization. Participation in webinars and access to on-demand webinars is included with membership to the Institute. Not a member? Join today.

Upcoming Webinars

Most webinars offered by The Beryl Institute are eligible for one Patient Experience Continuing Education Credit (PXEs) pending approval. Participants interested in receiving PXEs must complete the program survey within 30 days of attending the webinar

May 1, 2-3 PM ET

The Patient Experience: A Path to Better Outcome
Rob Parker MBA, CMPE, CPXP | Administrative Director of Physician Practices, Memorial Healthcare System

The healthcare industry continues to evolve its payment structure from the disease management model of payment to the valued based payment methodology. The patient experience will be a key driving factor in this new payment methodology. Our industry is also facing another factor that will have an impact on our financial success, and that is the Millennial generation as consumers. The manner in which this new generation shops for health care is an important aspect for any healthcare provider to understand their social media presence. This webinar will discuss how to improve operational efficiencies within your practice, how to engage the patient for better outcomes, and it will discuss how the patient experience will impact your social media presence.
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May 15, 2-3 PM ET

Millennials + Healthcare: How to Create Synergy within a Four Generational Workforce
Megan Charko MAM | Program Manager, Pediatrics, NRC Health

Let’s face it: Millennials are changing the game. They’re young, hard to define, and many are not playing by traditional healthcare rules. Millennials are also the future of our workforce. So, what are we doing to attract and engage them.

This webinar devotes special attention to a perplexing but important demographic group and in the process uncovers several interesting trends. Join us to gain deep insights into the mysterious Millennial and uncover what makes them unlike any other generation.
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May 29, 2-3 PM ET

Transforming the Riley Experience
Darla Cohen, CPXP, Coordinator Patient and Family Experience, Riley Hospital for Children
Kara Casavan, Family Advisor, Riley Hospital for Children
Joe Primavera, Deployment Leader, Riley Hospital for Children

The presenters will describe the efforts of a pediatric hospital to involve families in quality improvement activities and sustain family engagement in LEAN transformation initiatives. Through stories, attendees will learn how LEAN teams across five different Value Streams throughout the hospital routinely include families in pre-work, Rapid Improvement Events (RIEs), review of processes and sustainment.
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June 19, 2-3 PM ET

52 Weeks of Overmanaging Creates Success
Sandy Rush, Sr. Director Patient Experience, Dignity Health
Karen Byrnes, Director, Patient Experience, Dignity Health - Arizona East Valley

With the multiple priorities of quality of care, patient safety, productivity, and staffing, patient experience focus may go by the wayside. Improving the patient experience takes initiative, dedication and time. This session will share how a 36 hospital health care system, and specifically two hospitals, maintained the focus on patient experience through weekly meetings with key departments. It will describe how departments were selected, who participated, and an agenda that helped drive intense focus and action. It will also describe the review of the patient voice beyond the survey, including through leader rounding, discharge phone calls, and journey mapping. An overview of the challenges and obstacles that were overcome in order to maintain the focus and attendance of the weekly meetings, and the successful outcomes, not only in HCAHPS scores, but more importantly to patient engagement and caregiver engagement will be discussed.
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June 26, 2-3 PM ET

Inside a Patient Simulation Lab: Learning from a Real Patient
Jamie Di Piazza-Rodriguez, MSW | Manager of Patient Experience, Languages Services, and Patient & Family Relations, Hillcrest Medical Center

Take a deep dive into a Patient Experience Simulation Lab to expose real life interactions. The Hillcrest Medical Center’s Office of Patient Experience collaborates with nursing, education and advocacy to analyze our customer service and patient care. Participants will hear insights toward enhancing competencies and presence at the bedside to eliminate human suffering.
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July 24, 2-3 PM ET

Unconscious Bias: The Nexus between Awareness and Accountability
Troy Cicero, President and Chief Skill Officer, MulticultuReal Communications, Inc.

Unconscious bias, also known as implicit social cognition, refers to the attitudes or stereotypes that affect our understanding, actions, and decisions in an unconscious manner. The implicit associations we harbor in our subconscious cause us to have feelings that manifest our behavior toward patients and colleagues based on race, ethnicity, culture, age, sexual orientation, religion, disability, socio-economic status and appearance. Attendees of this webinar will gain relevant understanding on how personal and system level awareness and accountability for biases can improve organization-wide performance and ultimately, the patient experience.
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July 31, 12-1 PM ET

Improving Patient Experience through the Adoption of an Accelerating Program
Sidney Klajner, President, Sociedade Beneficente Israelita Brasileira Hospital Albert Einstein
Miguel Cendoroglo Neto, Medical Diretor and Superintendent, Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein
C/L | PXS | 

In this Webinar the Albert Einstein Jewish Hospital, a philanthropic health institution in São Paulo, Brazil, will share its experience in adopting an innovative strategy to improve Patient Experience: an Accelerating Program. The main characteristic of this program is to ensure the alignment and approach of the institution as a whole and the participation of the front line employees in the diagnosis, in the implementation of improvement initiatives and in the monitoring of the indicators and goals related to the Patient Experience, ensuring the visibility of top management.
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August 21, 2-3 PM ET

Ignite the Patient Experience - 6 Keys to C-Suite Patient Driven Leadership
Dennis Shelby, CEO, Wilson Medical Center
Brian Lee, Founder and CEO, Custom Learning Systems Group

Participants will learn first-hand how to engage leaders and the front line to hard wire and sustain a patient experience culture at the 90%tile. This presentation includes a step by step how-to guide briefing for attendees to apply to their quality process improvement journey. Key takeaways include:

  • That making servant leadership the foundation of managers DNA will drive the success you need.
  • The four 'must have' best practices that are game changers for gaining the buy-in and sustaining overall improvement.
  • That the role of the CEO and leadership is to create a working environment where people do their best work.
  • How to avoid the pitfalls of ‘slug-ectomy’ – the absolute sheer necessity of getting rid of dysfunctionally disengaged employees that drag down your employees and patient experience scores.

This presentation answers how to successfully engage, support, influence and empower everyone to create the reputation your community requires. Learn More>>

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September 18, 2-3 PM ET

Creating a Culture of Caring
Rana L. Awdish, MD, FCCP | Director of the Pulmonary Hypertension Program and Critical Care Physician, Henry Ford Hospital | Medical Director of Care Experience, Henry Ford Health System

Creating a Culture of Caring will describe Dr. Awdish's personal transformation from critical care physician to critically ill patient and describe how the events surrounding her near death changed her understanding of the culture of medicine and lead her to alter the course of her institution. Focusing on Physician communication training, onboarding practices for all employees, and a culture of caring, she will illuminate the path towards creating a more resilient culture for everyone involved in health care.
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*Headliner Webinars are complimentary webinars featuring prominent patient experience thought leaders on a variety of topics sharing proven practices and strategies to implement in your own organization. Space is limited. If the webinar reaches capacity, registrants will have an opportunity to join a waiting list and a webinar replay will be provided.


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