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The Beryl Institute Webinars
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Facilitated by patient experience leaders from around the world, webinars share proven practices and strategies to implement in your own organization. Participation in webinars and access to on-demand webinars is included with membership to the Institute. Not a member? Join today.

Upcoming Webinars

Most webinars offered by The Beryl Institute are eligible for one Patient Experience Continuing Education Credit (PXEs) pending approval. Participants interested in receiving PXEs must complete the program survey within 30 days of attending the webinar

March 6, 2-3 PM ET

XIC Marks the Start
Tria Deibert, VP Experience Marketing, Hackensack Meridian Health
Elizabeth Paskas, VP Experience Innovation, Hackensack Meridian Health

Imagine this…a place that creates space for ideation and innovation, eliminates duplication of effort, gives vendors a clear path in your organization and accelerates sharing of best practices and bright spots. Sounds like an experience leader’s utopia, right? Pssst, it exists. And you too can find it! Join Hackensack Meridian Health to learn how we created Xperience Innovation Café (XIC) – a place where innovative ideas, new technologies and best practices are evaluated by key stakeholders and frontline users for implementation and scale. Learn how we harnessed the power of XIC as our starting point, creating a definitive process for vendors and a stage for the best and brightest ideas within our Network to deliver on our strategy and vision to humanize the health care experience…while having fun along the way! 
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March 22, 2-3 PM ET

Empathy Reinvented for the Resistant or Misunderstood Healthcare Professional
Lisa Bruhn, CPXP | Patient Experience Educator, Marshfield Clinic Health System
Jami Kaiser, CPXP | Patient Experience Educator, Marshfield Clinic Health System

Empathy isn't a new topic, but helping people that don't inherently see the value of it, or naturally have the skill to express it, can be challenging. Empathy must include 3 key elements to be interpreted positively. During this session you won’t only learn, but will apply the 3 elements of empathy.  
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March 29, 2-3 PM ET

What Patient Experience Can Learn from Child Life Professionals
Jason A. Wolf, Ph.D., CPXP, President, The Beryl Institute
Representatives from Association of Child Life Professionals (ACLP)

In exploring the human experience in healthcare we must address the needs of all those in the care encounter, this is no more relevant than in the pediatric setting. A unique function in pediatrics and children’s hospitals and one that aspires to address the very question of what matters to people receiving care is that of Child Life Professional. While it is evident this critical function adds to experience, what is often overlooked is what we can learn from this profession in impacting the experience across care settings. This webinar will provide an overview of the findings of the paper of the same title to be published by The Beryl Institute in collaboration with the Association of Child Life Professionals. It will highlight key ideas on what patient experience can learn from child life, including the powerful stories of families impacted by these efforts and providing recommendations for action in how to apply these ideas in strengthening patient experience efforts overall.
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April 24, 2-3 PM ET

Why am I doing this? Matching PX Efforts to Organizational Needs
Tiffany Christensen | Vice President, Experience Innovation, The Beryl Institute

We have been on this journey of improving patient experience for many years and the strategies continue to evolve. Today, we find ourselves with a large landscape of options for improvement tactics. This landscape affords us the opportunity to do what we could not do early on in the journey; pick and choose strategies based on resources, identified gaps and projected ROI. In this webinar Tiffany Christensen, VP of Experience Innovation at The Beryl Institute, walks participants through concrete steps to ensure the PX improvement tactics chosen match with the needs of the organization while addressing not only the patient experience, but the employee experience as well.
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*Headliner Webinars are complimentary webinars featuring prominent patient experience thought leaders on a variety of topics sharing proven practices and strategies to implement in your own organization. Space is limited. If the webinar reaches capacity, registrants will have an opportunity to join a waiting list and a webinar replay will be provided.

May 1, 2-3 PM ET

The Patient Experience: A Path to Better Outcome
Rob Parker MBA, CMPE, CPXP | Administrative Director of Physician Practices, Memorial Healthcare System

The healthcare industry continues to evolve its payment structure from the disease management model of payment to the valued based payment methodology. The patient experience will be a key driving factor in this new payment methodology. Our industry is also facing another factor that will have an impact on our financial success, and that is the Millennial generation as consumers. The manner in which this new generation shops for health care is an important aspect for any healthcare provider to understand their social media presence. This webinar will discuss how to improve operational efficiencies within your practice, how to engage the patient for better outcomes, and it will discuss how the patient experience will impact your social media presence.
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May 15, 2-3 PM ET

Millennials + Healthcare: How to Create Synergy within a Four Generational Workforce
Megan Charko MAM | Program Manager, Pediatrics, NRC Health

Let’s face it: Millennials are changing the game. They’re young, hard to define, and many are not playing by traditional healthcare rules. Millennials are also the future of our workforce. So, what are we doing to attract and engage them.

This webinar devotes special attention to a perplexing but important demographic group and in the process uncovers several interesting trends. Join us to gain deep insights into the mysterious Millennial and uncover what makes them unlike any other generation.
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June 26, 2-3 PM ET

Inside a Patient Simulation Lab: Learning from a Real Patient
Jamie Di Piazza-Rodriguez, MSW | Manager of Patient Experience, Languages Services, and Patient & Family Relations, Hillcrest Medical Center

Take a deep dive into a Patient Experience Simulation Lab to expose real life interactions. The Hillcrest Medical Center’s Office of Patient Experience collaborates with nursing, education and advocacy to analyze our customer service and patient care. Participants will hear insights toward enhancing competencies and presence at the bedside to eliminate human suffering.
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September 18, 2-3 PM ET

Creating a Culture of Caring
Rana L. Awdish, MD, FCCP | Director of the Pulmonary Hypertension Program and Critical Care Physician, Henry Ford Hospital | Medical Director of Care Experience, Henry Ford Health System

Creating a Culture of Caring will describe Dr. Awdish's personal transformation from critical care physician to critically ill patient and describe how the events surrounding her near death changed her understanding of the culture of medicine and lead her to alter the course of her institution. Focusing on Physician communication training, onboarding practices for all employees, and a culture of caring, she will illuminate the path towards creating a more resilient culture for everyone involved in health care.
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*Headliner Webinars are complimentary webinars featuring prominent patient experience thought leaders on a variety of topics sharing proven practices and strategies to implement in your own organization. Space is limited. If the webinar reaches capacity, registrants will have an opportunity to join a waiting list and a webinar replay will be provided.


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